Mum hits out at vile man who said he ‘didn’t consent’ to seeing her breastfeed

A new mum has revealed how she clapped back at a rude and sexist man who told her he “didn’t consent” to seeing her nipples when she breastfed her newborn baby

A new mum is being praised for hitting back at a vile man in the best way, after he ranted that he “didn’t consent” to seeing her nipples as she breastfed her baby.

The initial incident happened when the 26-year-old mum-of-one decided to take a day trip with her best friend, her friend’s boyfriend and his mate, L, since she had been spending all of her time at home taking care of the baby.

The foursome had been been having a lovely day, eating lunch in a nice restaurant before heading to a park, where her daughter started to get a little fussy and needed feeding.

“We were at a park area, so I just sat down on a bench that was relatively out of the way, and started feeding. My friend and the others were taking some pictures, so I kept our bags next to me to watch them,” she explained on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“L decided to come over to grab something from his bag, but when he saw me breastfeeding, he got sooo p***ed. He made a face and demanded I stop feeding because he didn’t consent to seeing my nipples.”

The new mum was taken aback and apologised, but pointed out that she was purposely sitting out of his and everyone else’s view. In response, he started loudly insulting her, to the point where she got really embarrassed and moved away to a different bench to finish feeding.

“It was a bit awkward after that, and I just told my friend that I was going to go back home and left,” she said, explaining that she hadn’t seen any of the group again until a recent gathering organised for her friend’s birthday.

The woman’s mum was taking care of her baby so she could enjoy the party, but when she arrived, she immediately spotted L, who rudely said, “urgh, not you again.” Luckily, she still managed to have fun despite L continuously being rude to her and her being the only person at the party not drinking.

“There was an arm-wrestling contest between the guys, and L lost to my friend’s boyfriend. He started getting a little angry, and asked for a rematch, before ripping his shirt off, and started flexing to prepare,” the mum continued.

“I was honestly grossed out, and when he saw my face he asked me ‘what crawled up your a**?’ I got a little mad and responded, ‘please put your shirt back on. I didn’t consent to seeing your nipples'” He said, ‘that doesn’t work because I’m a guy.’ I asked him how it was different, and he just rolled his eyes. I was getting more angry now and just repeated, ‘please put your shirt back on.’

As far as revenge goes, it honestly doesn’t get much sweeter than that, yet, after her friend’s comments, the mum had been left wondering whether she had done the right thing by confronting him over the issue.

“He sexualised you for feeding your child and then he got mad when you sexualised him trying to be cool by taking his top off to arm wrestle?? In what universe does that make sense?” one Reddit user questioned.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be friends with that group anymore, your friend clearly doesn’t have your back and who hangs out with an a**hole like this L guy anyways? If a guy treated a friend of mine like that he wouldn’t be welcome anymore.”

“He sounds like a bitter misogynistic little boy. Good job mama! You handled him well,” another added, while a third wrote: “Well played on the comeback, many would have not come up with that on the spot. Guy is a jerk, your friends will figure it out or you’ll find better friends.”