Mum upset over teacher’s ‘unsupportive’ text but some say she’s being ‘unreasonable’

A mum has asked for some advice after receiving and ‘unsupportive’ text message from her son’s piano teacher, but other parents aren’t convinced she should be upset over it

When it comes to their children, it’s only natural that some parents can get pretty defensive, pretty quickly.

You want to protect your little ones and keep them out of harm’s way.

One mum was recently left feeling rather upset for her 10-year-old son, after receiving a text from his piano teacher.

The unnamed woman thought the message was rather “unsupportive” and took to Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable forum to ask fellow parents for their advice.

She wrote: “Am I being unreasonable to be upset by piano teacher’s comments?

“My 10-year-old son ‘Josh’ has been having piano lessons for six weeks and I have received this text from his teacher.

“Josh seems to be struggling in his lessons. He complains his fingers are tired even after we have just started the lesson.

“This morning he told me he has been doing too much writing in class beforehand. He seems to talk a lot and doesn’t seem particularly interested.

“He tells me he practises on his iPad?? I’m not sure the piano is right for Josh, maybe consider a different instrument next term.”

The parent added: “AIBU to feel upset and my son is being unsupported?”

The post caused a stir among fellow Mumsnet users as many agreed she was being unreasonable.

Hundreds responded to the mum, with one person replying: “He definitely doesn’t sound interested though. I don’t know what you expect her to do?”

Another said: “I think she’s trying to be kind and I say that as a mum who has spent thousands on piano lessons for my kids over the last few years. One of them I wish their piano teacher had said this, it’s so expensive and if they don’t want to practise it’s such a waste of money!”

A third commented: “I would expect a 10 year old to try a bit harder tbh. What do you expect her to do? It doesn’t sound like his behaviour is great in lessons if he is complaining/making excuses all the time.”

Someone else thought: “Lessons are a waste of time if he doesn’t (or can’t) practice. I am taking music lessons as an adult and my teacher is quite open that without time, commitment and passion it’s a waste of everyone’s time.”

The mum later added in the comments that it was her son who wanted to go to lessons and she hadn’t forced him, saying: “He wanted to learn and we are in the process of buying a second-hand keyboard so he can practise, I just think the comments are a little harsh and abrupt – I think a phone call would have been kinder.”