Woman ‘couldn’t help but laugh’ as onesie makes her look like cartoon villain

Libby Whitsey got the onesie for free from PrettyLittleThing during a promotion but she was still disappointed, as the onesie resembled a ‘babygrow’ and left her looking like a villain from Despicable Me

A woman said she ‘couldn’t help but laugh’ after receiving a onesie from PrettyLittleThing that left her looking like a villain from Despicable Me.

TikTok star Libby Whitsey, @libbywhitsey, got the orange jumpsuit for free from the online retailer’s Black Friday sale, where some items were completely free, as the Daily Star reports.

Libby said that some people got great clothes for nothing so she was excited when her package arrived, but she was shocked when she opened it and saw a tiny orange onesie the ‘size of a babygrow’.

She then tried it on and said she looked like Vector from Despicable Me, so decided to promptly donate the free item of clothing to charity.

Libby, from Leicester, wrote on TikTok: “When everyone get nice things in the PLT 100 per cent off sale and I got this.”

She continued: “I got it in a size XS and my first reaction of the piece was how small it looked before I tried it on.

“It looked like the size of a babygrow.”

In a second video, Libby puts on the onesie and she quickly sees herself as “Vector the Villain” in the popular animated film Despicable Me.

She continued: “When trying it on, I just couldn’t help but laugh at myself because it looked so funny.

“But to my surprise, it did stretch a lot and I managed to fit in it fine! My first reaction was how it looked exactly like Vector from Despicable Me.

“Right after posting the first video, I received hundreds of comments being compared to Vector – I even received a comment from the verified Minions TikTok account saying it’s ‘an excellent purchase’.”

Thankfully, Libby saw the funny side of the comment and said it could be fitting for Halloween next year.

She added: “If I did style it better, maybe wear a pair of jeans underneath to turn it into just a top, it could actually look really nice,” she also suggested.

“Many people gave me fashion inspirations in which I could turn this fail into a really nice look.”

Libby managed to get another top for free during the Black Friday sale so she decided to let go of the onesie.

She said: “I will be donating it along with my other unwanted clothes to either a clothing bank or a charity shop so that it doesn’t go to waste.”